Two of my favourites have joint forces at Melbourne GPO for a three day sale (26 – 28 October)

Friday 8 – 8 (it’s already been open for two hours!)

Saturday 10 – 6

Sunday 11 – 5



Camilla and Marc have the perfect collection of dresses for the occassion/al summer festivity. To be sure to be sure to be sure to check out the entire Camilla and Marc Resort 12 collection. C&M by Camilla and Marc also has beautiful, but more affordable dresses and structured bikinis.

Collection: ‘The Radicals’

Photographer: Bec Pollard

Model: Nicole Pollard

Note: I have refrained from using the words like rad, insane and wizard in the body of the text. I disagree with Camilla and her business partner/bro Marc, the term ‘radical’ should only be used for a certain breed of design, like runners with wheels. In saying this I do love the collection (which is incredibly cool) and I’m in negotiations with my piggy bank.

It just dawned on me that I must seem completely inept and outdated, definitely irrelevant for posting about Paris Fashion Week AW12/13 when we’re in the depths of Milan SS13. I know, I know I haven’t even acknowledged New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and all the ready to wear collections. But I feel as if we’re all completely overwhelmed by all the photographs, footage and paraphernalia that’s being generated around these more current events and collections/to be honest I can’t compete.

Technically Australia is a day ahead, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, if a fashion show happens in Italy on the 24th we won’t hear about it until the 25th…does that make sense? I know everything is live, but I feel like I’m loosing a loosing battle. I’ll try to digest some of the collections from Milan Fashion Week and make a few insightful and hopefully less irrelevant comments.

Here’s a picture of Alia Wang, the three year-old niece of Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week. I don’t think I ever work black when I was a toddler, let alone Nike kicks and a baby Chanel quilted bag, but eghhh the girl can pull it off. I got this photograph from Alia Wang’s Facebook Page. The frequency and timing of the posts makes me doubt its legitimacy, but I still highly recommend that you like the page.

Oh and here’s Alia in 2011…I know, I know, 2011, I’m so behind! But doesn’t fashion always looks to history for inspiration?

Ever since I saw this photograph of Caroline Sieber at Paris Fashion Week I have been following the Austrian stylist in a slavish, addicted way. She’s on her way to the Chloe AW12/13 show and I love the way she’s worn pleated pink with navy. The way Caroline has used the contrast of a textured knit and hat with the tailored pleats of the dress is just one of the reasons why she’s a brand ambassador for Chanel. She know’s how to dress and dress others.


Image from CandiceLake.Com

And while I’m posting about AW12/13 Paris Fashion Week I should also include an image of Caroline, Poppy and Alexa at the Chanel show.

Image 1 from Fashion and Beauty Trends taken by Gianluca Longo

Image 2 from Fashion and Beauty Trends taken by Benjamin Galopin


Viva Mexico! I can’t let the week of Mexican Independence Day pass without a post, so listen up Amigos! The 16th of September marked Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1810. In spirit I am a true Mexican. You are too if you answer yes to any of the bellow:


Have you visited any of Melbourne’s top Mexican restaurants (namely Fonda, Radio Mexico, Mamasita, The Taco Truck, Touche Hombre, Trippy Tacos and Pacos Tacos)? Had a couple of pre party fish bowls at Tacos Bill (and woken up with a sombrero to prove it?) Had a negative experience with tequila, but still order it as your shot of choice?

Do you partake in a regular Sunday siesta? Enjoy watching Ugly Betty? Get aggressive when there’s a pinata?


I know the day has passed, but the Mexican spirit is alive and well in Melbourne

My favourite Mexican restaurant at the moment is Radio Mexico in St Kilda, go there for a belated Independence Day celebration complete with pickled jalapenos, guacamole, grilled fish, black beans, look at me naming countless cool mexican ingredients, frijoles, chipotle, piquin chili, corn, tortillas, salsa…it’s a fiesta.

Thank god I made my family keep cardboard cactus cut outs from my dad’s country western 40th – they’ve been in our roof for 11 years, but they come out when I make nachos – true story.